The War On Drugs objavila remix pesme „Scarlet“ grupe The Rolling Stones

The War on DrugsTek što je objavljena prošlog meseca, pesma „Scarlet“ grupe The Rolling Stones, koja je nastala u saradnji sa gitaristom grupe Led Zeppelin, Jimmyem Pageom, doživela je remix od strane rock sastava The War On Drugs, a koju možete poslušatu u nastavku.

Adam Granduciel, vođa benda je, u objavi za medije, napisao: I just re-imagined the song as if I had Mick, Keith and Jimmy in the room with me. After messing with my Linn Drum for a bit, the song fell into this double time thing and I just went with it. I called my friend and bandmate, Dave Hartley, to fill out the bass on the new groove. Then I figured if I had Jimmy Page in the room I’d probably ask him to plug into my favorite rack flanger so that’s what I did. My friend Anthony LaMarca added some last minute percussion. I’m so honored to have gotten to work on this especially since ‘Angie’ was probably the first ‘rock’ song that I asked to be played on repeat when I was really young. Hope you enjoy it!

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