NaslovnaEnglishThe Last Resort: If punk has done anything, it has spread awareness

The Last Resort: If punk has done anything, it has spread awareness

The Last Resort

Right before Belgrade Riot Fest, we had great time during the interview with The Last Resort, the Oi! punk legends, from England. This punks break the system down during the years, and as they say, they reveal freedom of expression, friendship, individuality and attitude from punk. They promise a great gig and can’t wait to came in Belgrade. They think our punk scene is just the same as the cradle of the punk, full of passion and loyalty, so concert here in Belgrade will be the last one with Beef as a guitarist. As they already stated, this is the last performance with Beef, after which they will continue concerts in other countries with the new member.

BR: Hi! The Last Resort will be playing in Serbia again. Tell us how you are feeling, are you excited?

The Last Resort: Yes, we’re very excited to be returning to Serbia. We had a great show when we were there last time and we’re really looking forward to coming back and playing there again.

BR: Should we expect a new album? How about a song or music video?

The Last Resort: We are not planning on releasing a new album until next year but we have now got a SoundCloud account that we update from time to time with various rare or unreleased material. You can check it out here.

BR: Since you are the legendary Oi band straight from England, can you compare the punk scene from back in the day and now?

The Last Resort: In the old days we did not have the opportunities to play shows across the world like we do now. the scene is stronger now than it has ever been. Definitely more unity these days. There’s always a good mix of punks and skins at the shows and it’s great that it’s still all done within a DIY Network.

BR: I suppose you know the music scene in Balkan. How much is the punk scene in Serbia similar to the punk scene in England?

The Last Resort: Obviously we’ve not been to Serbia for about ten years but the last time we were in Belgrade, we found the scene there to be very passionate and as loyal as any of the punk scenes around the UK.

BR: “You Are The Beef” is a book that talks about problems, but also about beautiful stuffs that happens, intertwined in the life of a punk rockers and a skinhead. Tell us about some of your experiences that you remember?

The Last Resort: Sorry, Beef was not available for comment.

BR: Through the song “Rebels With A Cause”, you are looking for an explanation because every day is the same and nothing changes. Do you think that at least a couple of things have changed in the last few years and how much has punk affected it?

The Last Resort: There is still a massive divide between rich and poor. They continue to sell off our national assets in order to line their own pockets, while nurses and teachers and the like are struggling every day to make ends meet. If punk has done anything, it has spread awareness but the struggle continues. We still have a long way to go.

BR: If you can choose, besides music, is there something that fulfils you the same way?

The Last Resort: Football, football, football!

BR: Since we’re talking about music, 4-Skins or Sham 69 and why?

The Last Resort: Sham in the seventies and 4-Skins in the eighties. Obviously Roi sang for the 4-Skins for a while back in the day, so he would of course choose them. Hoxton Tom is still a good mate. We’ve shared the stage and some good times over the years with both bands.

BR: Explain what you like most about punk culture?

The Last Resort: Non conformity, independence, individuality, attitude, having a laugh, having a say, doing it for yourself, family, friends, respect where it’s due, fuck the system, fuck the rich and the upper classes.

BR: Something to say to your fans in Serbia…

The Last Resort: Oi! Oi! Can’t wait to see you all at the show. It’s been far too long since we were there. If the last show we played in Belgrade is anything to go by, we’re gonna have a great fucking time.