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Schiller: Belgrade, I think that my music and your passion can be an exciting match

 is a German electronic musician, who rose to fame in 1998 and named after the German poet and dramatist Friedrich Schiller. Christopher von Deylen – Schiller is finally coming to Beograd on 18 January, 2019. For this occasion we had conversation during which he took us through his creative process of making songs and named his philosophy of living.

Balkanrock: There is a theory that the book ‘Die Glocke’ from Friedrich Schiller made strong impression on you and after that you decided to name yourself Schiller and to create your first highly rated single „das Glockenspiel“. Is this true?

Christopher von Deylen – Schiller: That is absolutely true. When I recorded „Das Glockenspiel” I did not have a proper artist name yet. So I started pondering for a couple of days. No interesting name came to mind. Then, more or less by accident, I realized that the title „Das Glockenspiel” reminded me of a particular poem called „Die Glocke” by Friedrich Schiller. I took the liberty to borrow his name and try to honor it to this date.

BR: From where did you get inspiration for making audiovisual performance? How does it looks like during your creation process? Are you overwhelmed with emotions, new ideas from book or movie, experience or something else?

Schiller: Actually life itself can be utmost inspiring. I try to begin every day with an open mind. Sometimes inspiration presents itself rather unexpectedly, sometimes I am waiting for days and weeks for it to show up. Sounds and images are always intertwined. Sometimes I start with a visual idea, sometimes it is a particular sound which triggers a chain reaction in my head. After all this is the secret of creativity. You cannot cheat it. You just have to be patient and work every day to come a little closer to your dreams.

BR: How many times do you go through the song before you are satisfied with the results and release it to public?

Schiller: That depends how complex the arrangement is. There are songs which actually write themselves. If the structrure is rather simple it is pretty obvious how they are supposed to sound. Most of my songs do have a more complex structure and a multi–layered arrangement. It takes much more time to find the right balance of each and every instrument. I think I never counted the times I went through those songs. Sometimes it is only a particular part I focus on and listen to over and over again. A couple of hundred times minimum.

BR: ‘Leben..I feel you’ is still one of your most viewed song on youtube. Do you share the opinion with the audience here, and if not which one of your songs do you most relate to?

Schiller: I love „Leben…I feel you”. I am very happy that this song does exist and it is a pleasure to perform it. I do have a couple of  other favourite songs but I would like to keep that selection for myself as it changes from time to time. I sincerely hope that my audience can find empowerment in the emotions I try to put into my music.

BR: What is the main subject of the album ‘Morgenstund’ that will be released in 2019?

Schiller: „Morgenstund” means „Dawn of Day” and it is a metaphor for a new beginning and for the endless circle of life. Whatever is happening in life, you can be sure that the sun will rise again the next day. Maybe this can be a little reminder of nature’s steadiness and power in these uneven times. And when you wake up in the morning, you never know what will happen until the end of the day. Which can be a very exciting element of surprise.

BR: My opinion is that after every of your performance audience stays in trans for a while. Do you think they can detect your uncondition dedication and love for this kind of job and music?

Schiller: I sincerely hope so. That would be the biggest reward for me that I can think of.

BR: Have you ever had negative experiences before, during or after the concert?

Schiller: Not really. When we performed in Kiev some years ago the electricity went off shortly before the concert, but our friends from Ukraine managed to reactivate an ancient generator. There was a little delay, but somehow these unpredictable events create an even more intense atmosphere during the concert.

SchillerBR: They say success is measured by final results. Can you say that you had accoplished your carrier goals concidering your  world tours, also that you had success on other fields except music, such as marketing (Let me love you à Maserati Quattroporte), movies ect.?

Schiller: To be honest, I never had any career goals. I am trying to be the best version of myself day by day. If the results do reach people in their heart, I consider my mission accomplished. I think that goals are something for a football–player or someone who is into sports. Music and Art is something which evolves over time. I am very curious though where this will lead me towards to in my life.

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BR: In the end, why Belgrade? What do you expect from performance on Balkan?

Schiller: I really like the people and their emotional power. I think that my music and your passion can be an exciting match.