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INTERVIEW | Oskar Cedermalm Ozo (Truckfighters): “Hopefully sooner than later we’ll come to Serbia”

Ozo truckfighters
Please present yourselves to the Balkans audience in your own way.

Truckfighters is one of the most energetic and fantastic band you can see ;) But for real, even though you don’t fancy the music 100% you will definitely go home from the concert with a smile on your face or somekind of impression at least.

You have been around since 2001. What do you think, how the music evolved since then?

Eveything goes in waves, we started playing kind of stoner music when the «stonerwave» was completely over it seemed, but we didn’t care about that and we haven’t cared since then and now it suddenly seemes like the fuzzy kind of music is on it’s way back and then we’re one of the most established bands, at least in the undergeround scene. We’ve been around for so long and played almost every club worth mentioning :P It’s really fun to see that hard work finally pays off, the musicindustry isn’t all together corrupt and all about having money or knowing the right kind of people. Truckfighters worked their way up from nothing to being a wellknown band that influence a lot of talented musicians and bands, and that’s really fun. We give the DIY a face and show other «dreamers» that IT IS POSSIBLE! ;)

You have booked gigs in Croatia, Hungary and Greece. It makes me very sad to know that Serbia isn’t planned. You would be surprised to know that we have a strong stoner fan base here.

Well, hopefully sooner than later, you know the world is a big place and we tend to play those places where they scream most for us, so come on Serbia spread the word, if enough people get to know TF we will definitely come there and play ;)

Your live concerts are great. Can you pinpoint to a moment from a gig that was memorable and/or interesting, or a rather interesting hanging out with fans from any of the previous tour?

We tend to almost always hang out a little bit with fans after the show so we don’t appear like rockstar douchbags ;) Cause we’re not, we’re just three really down to earth guys ;) So that is really hard to pinpoint a special moment where it was extra special, but I do remember a fun story when we did a gig in Italy. The Police stormed the gig and shut the power of because we where to loud!! But the organizer was a rebel and did put the power on again so the police was back again after 5 minutes shutting down both power and the whole event, kind of funny to see all that bluelights haha

Your latest single “Prophet” announces the new album, which is due by the end of January. There is a noticeable difference in sound. The audience is quite impatient about it and wants to know in which direction is the new album going?

That’s the thing with this album, I think it’s more of everything and every song is unique, Prophet is a very kind of melodic song, But we also have a 14 minutes song called “Mastodont” that doesn’t remind of anything as well as a short uptempo song that is 2 minutes long sounding completely different. That’s the incredible strength of this album, you will be able to find a new song in every song instead of an album that everything sounds almost the same.

Back in 2011, you guys started working on a band documentary. What’s happening on that plane? When will it see the light of the day or I missed something?

Öhh, you missed it, it was released in 2011 or something ;)

What are your reactions to the compliment Josh Homme gave you, that you guys are the best live band he had ever heard? When did he get to see you? Have you met him?

Yes, we meet him twice, I’m not sure howcome he said that actually ;)

What’s your favourite song to perform live?

I differs, it’s always really nice to play new songs live especially when you notice they kick some ass live. Other from that we almost always use to play Desert cruiser, but that ain’t no guarantee that we will continue playing it since we now have 4 albums to take material from + a splitalbum, so we could let some of the old songs go in pension ;)

Are there any guest musicians on the new album?

Not any famous ones :P We used a female singer on one song

What artists or band would you love to share the stage with, and yet you still haven’t got the chance?

I would love to share stage or play support to a bunch of bands, Quenns of the stonage of course ;) TOOL, Soundgarden, Pearljam, Foo fighters, yeah and a bunch of bands you can’t recall right now.

What’s running in your playlist? What’s your favorite album in 2013.?

My favourite album that is running right now is actually a band called Valley of the sun, they will release their new album “Electric talons of thunderhawk” 31:st of March on our label Fuzzorama records, and that’s a killer rock/hardrock album, but you won’t be able to hear it quite yet, but soon, you should definitely check it out!

Sweden is a cold country. What sort of booze gives you the fire needed to survive?

I usually drink mostly beer, my favourite is IPA, mmm… and I drink a lot of milk, that gives me strength and energy.