In Other Climes: „We’re just trying to be ourselves and enjoy the moment.“

The French hardcore metal band In Other Climes answered a few of our questions in preparations for the Exit festival, where they will be performing. They are excited to be there and are expecting „chaos“. The guys have been on the music scene since 2004 and, during past years, they have been able to acquire a lot of fans, release a few EP’s, three albums, and a split record. With clear messages, a real revolutionary attitude and great, raw energy, Steve, Lionel, Michael, Cyril and Alex spoke about their hopes, dreams, interests, as well as their inspirations and role models.

BR: Hi guys! Tell us something about your band. How did you come to the idea to get together and how this music story began?

In Other Climes: Hi! It all started during a festival back in 2004 called „Fury Fest“, we were with friends, seeing all the bands we were listening to (Sworn Enemy, Stampin Ground, Walls of Jericho, Hatebreed…). That gave us the idea to form In Other Climes. A few weeks later, we already had a few songs ready and we were practicing.

BR: You are a hardcore metal band with great, strong messages that express your anger, feelings and attitude about different problems and stuff in the world. How did you come to idea to be a metal band, and how did setting up the band affect you?

In Other Climes: I always listened to metal so, it was normal to play that kind of music. Playing in this band means everything to me, i learned so many things, traveling the world, meeting awesome new people… Music has changed my life.

BR: Are you satisfied with your album “Leftover“ and how did the public react to it?

In Other Climes: Yes, we’re all really happy how „Leftover“ sounds. This album has been written pretty naturally. When Michael joined us, he was really into hardcore, so we decided to go into that direction and write punk / hardcore songs, still keeping our personal touch. We had already been playing with hardcore bands for years, so in a sense it was logical. People really like the album, the feedback has been incredible and the first pressing was sold out in less then a few weeks. We did 3 tours overseas, so I think we can say that it has worked out pretty well.

BR: Can you tell us which songs you prefer to perform on stage? Name the songs which have the strongest influence on you and also, on the fans.

In Other Climes: I will say „This is your time„, each time we play that song it’s pure mayhem ! Imagine the end of the show, everybody on stage singing the lyrics, whatever the country, it’s unbelievable. Each time I see people having fun on stage I’m really glad and it makes me feel well. I’m born for this.

BR: Tell us something about the energy and feelings you have when you are on stage.

In Other Climes: Nothing special to say, we’re just trying to be ourselves and enjoy the moment.

BR: You’ve shared the stage with lots of popular bands like NOFX, Sick Of It All, Terror and other… Whom would you like to work in the future with?

In Other Climes: What comes to mind are only dead bands like old Sepultura and Pantera. (laughs)

BR: Which bands are your favourite ones? Do you have some people in music that inspire you?

In Other Climes: Good question … I’m a huge fan of old Sepultura, I also really like Chimaira, Stampin Ground and Sworn Enemy. I love bands who mix different kinds of music, and always create something different. It’s what we’re trying to do with IOC. Who inspires me? Edith Piaf! „Non rien de rien, non je ne regrette rien“, everything is said.

BR: When we talk about inspiration… Where do you get your inspiration for the songs?

In Other Climes: Life, shows, movies, music… A lot of things. My friend Toto and I also take care of designing the artwork, t-shirts, tour posters… The band’s imagery in general, so everything and anything can inspire me. I’m always looking for new ideas.

BR: How strong is the metal/hardcore scene in France?

In Other Climes: The scene here is more metal, people listen to Gojira, Dagoba… Those kind of bands. Anyway, we’ve also got really good hardcore and metal hardcore bands like Nine Eleven, Alea Jacta Est… Really good bands, great people.

BR: Rebellion, revolution and free state of mind… you guys make history and have a lot of fans all around the world. How hard was for you to break into the scene and to reach out all those people in this world?

In Other Climes: When we created the band there was only one rule – play a maximum number of shows, tours and everywhere we could. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to play around the world! (laughs) Touring in Japan, Brazil, Indonesia… It’s unreal!

BR: You are also famous for your amusing music videos… Do you have some interesting facts you would like to share with us, when you were behind the scene while making spots?

In Other Climes: There’s no behind the scene with us, everything is in the videos! We’re making the music video by ourselves so, we’re just trying to be ourselves and show the people how we are. Whether people like what they see or not, our videos are authentic. We love the fact that people know us just by seeing our videos. When people come to us after the shows there’s no barrier at all, we just start to talk, have fun and drink.

BR: What are your expectations regarding the Exit festival?

In Other Climes: Chaos!

BR: Can you say something to your fans in Serbia?

In Other Climes: We’re super stocked to come back in Serbia and play in front of so many people from all over Europe.