Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers): All I know is that we haven’t lost our sharpness and that’s all I really care about


Guardians of rock’n’roll fire, with the prefix “cow”, as Žikica Simić once wrote, the band Supersuckers is heading for a European tour. This one is specific because it will start in Serbia, specifically on April 5 in Novi Sad.These music cowboys will also be playing in Pirot, Kladovo, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Zagreb before they continue their way to Western Europe.One of the most authentic frontman in the history of music, the famous Eddie Spaghetti, talked to us about the beginnings of the band, the best albums, collaboration with some of the greatest contemporary musicians, but also about his severe illness, that is, how the whole experience influenced on his music.

BR: This is celebration year for you. What would you say was the biggest success in Supersuckers’ first 30years of existence?

Eddie: Shit, I guess the fact that we’re still doing it is our biggest success. The fact that we’re still motivated to make up quality rock n roll for the People is quite amazing really.

BR: What keep you going through all these years?

Eddie: It’s just what I do. I have no other skill set.

BR: What are main differences since early 90s until now, speaking of your band?

Eddie: Well, first of all we have a completely different line up than we had then, we’re WAY better now! That and just the whole thing about how no one buys records anymore. The product we make is no longer something people feel they need to pay for. That’s hurt us.

BR: What do you think about punk-rock nowadays? Do you feel punk-rock lost its sharpness or not?

Eddie: I don’t know. I don’t really think about punk rock that much. All I know is that we haven’t lost our sharpness and that’s all I really care about. Most new music is terrible.

BR: During your long career you’ve collaborated with many famous musicians (Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, Kelley Deal of Breeders). What are your experiences with them? Who were the easiest and the toughest ones to work with and why?

Eddie: They were all easy to work with. Great people, super talented. Not a difficult one in the bunch. We’ve been very lucky.

BR: Eddie Vedder is one of my favorite musicians, so would you tell me what impressions do you carry about your mutual collaboration?

Eddie: I did what we’ve done with Eddie. He’s a great guy. He helped me out a great deal when I had my bout with cancer. And he’s a good ping pong player too!

BR: Could you tell us did the experience as cancer survivor change any of your views? How this affected on your music?

Eddie: It might have been responsible for how deep and dark our new record is. It’s was a difficult time and opened my eyes to a lot of things I took for granted before.

BR: Supersuckers have had a few line-up changes over the years and now you are a trio. How are you satisfied with current version? 

Eddie: The band has never been better. We sound better, look better, get along better. Everything about it is better!

BR: When you take a look at everything you’ve done so far, which album, in your opinion, best represents the essence of Supersuckers?

Eddie: I feel like our last two records sound the best and the two of them together give you an idea of all that we’re capable of. “Get The Hell” and “Holdin’ The Bag”. Those two.

BR: Your last album so far is “Holdin’ The Bag” released in 2015. What are your plans about making new one? When could we expect it?

Eddie: We just finished recording a new record that will be out this summer. We’re super stoked to have you hear it. It’s AMAZING. Could be our best record yet!

BR: You have done several excellent covers over the years – Depeche Mode, Madonna, Outcast, Ice Cube, etc. – would you tell us how do you choose which song you are going to cover? 

Eddie: I dunno. There’s no real formula. Just something about the song strikes me as a good cover and we bust it out.

BR: This is not your first time in Serbia. You have already performed in Belgrade in the past. Do you remember that show?  What do you think about Balkan people and countries?

Eddie: Love that part of the world. Nice people who totally get what we’re doing. You can’t beat that!

BR: Can you tell me about new bands or new records which deserve to be mentioned in your opinion, sort of a music recommendation for our readers?

Eddie: I dunno. Nothing that new is totally blowing my skirt up lately. I like the last Rancid record a lot and the latest Old 97’s record is really good too. Jesse Dayton is amazing. Zeke is still at it too. All great bands.



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