Dennis Casey (Flogging Molly): „There is nothing like the experience of being with hundreds or thousands of people all enjoying the moment and what is happening during a concert“

Dennis Casey - Flogging Molly
Dennis Casey – Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly, cult celtic-punks from Los Angeles, will visit our region, where they will hold a concert in Zagreb on June 9, and in Belgrade on June 11.

On the occasion of these performances, Dennis Casey, guitarist and vocalist of the band for our portal Balkanrock talks about how a Flogging Molly song is created, where they haven’t performed yet, what kind of music he listens to, and what you can expect at the upcoming performances in the Balkans.

Balkanrock: Your seventh studio album „Anthem“ was released last year and this year (March 10) you released a EP with a new song „Til The Anarchy’s Restored“ and two live performances of classic Flogging Molly tracks – ‘Drunken Lullabies’ and ‘What’s Left of the Flag’. Is this EP a sort of introduction to the new Flogging Molly album in the near future?

Dennis: Actually those songs were left over from the recording of Anthem. We had some extra time so we started recording more songs. We then had too many for an album so we decided to release an EP as well.

BR: What usually inspires you to write? How one Flogging Molly’s song is born?

Dennis: Dave is the principle song writer. He writes a majority of the songs. We all then get together and sit in a circle and work on them. He will start playing the song and we will just start adding our parts and ideas. Some songs come together very quickly and some others take a bit more time and effort.

BR: In the 25+ years of Flogging Molly’s career, you have toured all over the world. But is there any place you have not visited yet that you would like to play a show at?

Dennis: Yes! China, India, Iceland, Portugal, Ukraine. Some of these may be more difficult than others.

Flogging Molly Wallapper photo

BR: Can you tell us an interesting anecdote from the last tour?

Dennis: Not much to tell that I remember. Got drunk with Anti Flag. That hasn’t happened before.

BR: From 2015, Flogging Molly used to do a Caribbean cruise every year – the Salty Dog Cruise. Can you tell us what is so special about these gigs?

Dennis: The fans make it special. About a third of the boat is people who have done it every year. It is a festival on a boat on the ocean. Everyone is together and having fun, no drama. All the bands hang out and play special shows. Some even play in people’s cabins. It has a special vibe that is hard to express in words. Once you do the cruise you can easily get hooked. There are a lot of fans that have started their own group, called “the Shipmates” They will meet up at Flogging Molly shows across the world and of course on the boat.

BR: What was the first album you listened to and what kind of music do you listen to these days?

Dennis: First album was Elvis Presley first RCA record. My uncle had it and I would play it when I went to his house. We didn’t have a stereo until I was a teenager. I got one for my birthday and my love for music was born. All I did was buy records, all styles. I was absorbing as much music as I could. I still listen to any and all types of music. Spotify has made it really easy to listen to new music and find new artists. The last record I listened to was Immutable by Mushuggah. They were playing a festival we were, Rock I’m Park. Some of our crew and band members recommended I check it out.

BR: Can music make a difference and does it have the power to change the world (or just make it better)?

Dennis: I think it can make it better. I don’t know how much power music has today. The internet, social media, smart phones, AI, video games all seem to capture peoples attention, hold it and influence them. Music and concerts will always make the world better. There is nothing like the experience of being with hundreds or thousands of people all enjoying the moment and what is happening during a concert.

BR: You are playing in Zagreb on June 9 and in Belgrade on June 11. What can fans expect from Flogging Molly at these concerts?

Dennis: We will do what we always do. We will play some new songs and many older songs. I think people can expect a high energy rock show, great time, fun and a celebration. Life is short so let’s enjoy it while we are here. We are honored to be able to play for our fans in Zagreb and Belgrade. We have toured for many years, and we don’t get to play many new places. Belgrade will be one such place. We are really looking forward to it and meeting our fans from there for the first time.