Acidez: „Not all is just hate and war“

These terrific fellows are coming from Guadalajara, Mexico, and they can’t wait to share their energy with the audience on Exit. Acidez was formed in 2003 by four friends: Tupa, Nauj, Rodo and Soti. Even though they exist for almost a decade and a half, this Mexican hard core punk band had some changes so the current line has been on scene since 2011. Their genre was strictly classic street punk at the beginning but now they don’t mind combining elements from other genres, such as trash metal, beat metal etc. Their first album ‘’No Hay Futuro” was released in 2008, and they recently released an album called “Don’t Ask For Permission”. They have recorded four studio albums in total, and the sound reminds of British punk bands from the 80s mixed with the Californian scene. They shared the scene with legendary bands such as The Casualties, Destruction Made Simple, the Varukers, Rabia, Total Chaos, Agente Calavera, Atroz Destruccion, Dias de Radio, Human Plague, Resist & Exist, Totälickers, Especimen

We had a little chat with Nauj and Soti, who shared their ideas, opinions, interests and attitudes with us. They told us how exited they are for playing on Exit and for being able to share their energy and good party with us for the first time.

BR: Hi guys! Tell us something about your band. You formed the band in 2003. Tell us how you came to the idea to get together and how the punk story began?

ACIDEZ: The story begun in 2003, the band was formed by the drummer Nauj. The main story is to create music, to say „fuck off and die“ to the system. We were very young punkers trying to have fun and talked about the real life of the system in Mexico.

BR: We describe you as a street punk band, that sometimes has some other elements of different types of punk, but mostly you have the street sound as punk had with his first wave. You are trying to make us not forget that old punk sound. We want to know your opinion about new waves of punk music today. Make some parallels between old punk and punk music now.

ACIDEZ: Yeah, the band starts like a street punk band, but during the years we play more different. Street punk is our main influence for the final sound of the band but, we also love thrash metal and D-beat, so the band also has this kind of sounds. In the end the band sounds like a kind of cross over, you know, like the mix of hardcore punk and trash metal.

BR: Which bands are your favourite ones? Do you have some people in music that inspire you?

ACIDEZ: All of us in the band, we grew up listening almost the same stuff, but we also got different likes that describe us more. At the end we really got inspired by the same bands like The Exploted, Discarge, GBH, Motorhead, Suicidal Tendencies, Megadeth, Inepsy, Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, The Casualities and much more. These are the real favorites for us.

BR: Where do you get your inspiration for the songs?

ACIDEZ: We got inspired by the situation we are living in in México that seems like it has been the same since our grandparents. The thing that changed is that we are more globalized and with more technology but the government has always been a bitch beside the church who have the masses under their command and with the help of the media, and we also got inspired by our daily living and happy things because we think that not all is just hate and war. Check out this article – WebDesign499 for more information.

BR: Some of your hits are “Mi Odio Y Mi Rabia“, “Camino Al Inferno“, “Don’t Ask For Permission“, “Streets On Fire“… Which song do you like to perform the most? Which one has the most energy, in your opinion? And which one best describes you?

ACIDEZ: We think that every song we play we do it with a lot of energy and it describes us at that moment, but we can tell you at this moment Camino al Infierno describes us the most from the ones you mentioned.

BR: Why did you choose the name Acidez?

ACIDEZ: Because the Acid should be taken away from any matter because it can damage it if it get close, and you have to handle it carefully, so that’s what happens with punk. Sometimes it should be taken away because it can make a mess, so that is why we are ACIDEZ.

BR: You have songs in different languages. Why you started to sing in English, besides you sing also in Spanish?

ACIDEZ: It is because we want our message to get as far away from México as it can, so for other countries you need to speak in English if you want to share your ideas. Almost everyone can talk in English, we would do the same if Japanese was the most spoken language worldwide.

BR: What do you guys do in your free time? Besides playing and singing in the bend, do you have some other hobbies?

ACIDEZ: We have our freelance jobs. We cannot have a full time job because we like to tour as much as we can and we prefer to be sitting down for 6 hours in a car waiting to get to the next city to play than be sitted down 8 hours behind a shitty desk.

BR: You guys have a great logo. That cool punk skeleton is awesome with all the details. Who is the artist that created it and, why a skeleton? Does he have a name? Could you tell us his story?

ACIDEZ: Yes, our designer is our drum played Nauj, he also designed the art of all the Acidez albums and split albums. We chose a skeleton because we laughed at „who said that punk is dead“ – how can it be dead if that is a skull saying „fuck you“? And it does have a name, its name is NAROTUSO NA- Nauj , RO- Rodo , TU-Tupa, SO- Soti , he is also called Callejer by our fans.

BR: Now, when we are in art stuff, you guys are very creative, trough clothes, hairstyle to details and gadgets… do you have some connections with art and how art is connected with your band?

ACIDEZ: Since we have been playing music by tuning the guitars as perfect as possible to provide a sound that would blow your ears thought the ecstasy of this fucking sound of Thrash Punk ‘n Roll of every chord played, we have been connected with art which is the art of music.

BR: So music is art. Can we tell that you are some kind of free artists who have enough guts to express their views and opinions. Your opinions about this?

ACIDEZ: Yes bro we have guts enough, but we won’t never have enough to play.

BR: In “Welcome To The 3D Era“, Soti drives a motorcycle, and Rodo has a skateboard. In real life, what is your favourite way of transport?

ACIDEZ: A motorcycle for Soti and a car but sometimes a skate for Rodo, but for me and Nauj we prefer to walk and take the bus. But yeah, it’s the real life for us, skate and motorcycle for those guys.

BR: Now, that we talked about speed and all that energy and adrenaline, describe your energy when you are on stage, in front of fans. Tell us about that feeling you have, when you see all those people supporting your work?

ACIDEZ: Sometimes a chill runs down your spine and your skin bristles.

BR: How strong is the punk scene in your country?

ACIDEZ: If you go to México city you’ll find the greatest, our city is Guadalajara which used to have a great and big punk scene like more than 10 years ago, but new ages are growing now and we are hoping it can get bigger again.

BR: How hard is it for one punk band to achieve the success you have?

ACIDEZ: For us it has taken almost 15 years which has been almost a half of our lives with a lot of obstacles and sacrifices. For other bands, we don’t know.

BR: What do you expect from Exit festival?

ACIDEZ: We have never been in Serbia before so we hope it can be more wild than other festivals, we expect to overpass your expectations.

BR: Can you say something to your fans in Serbia?

ACIDEZ: We appreciate your support that you provided over the borders and the oceans so much and we are going to give the best of us on stage when we play for the 1st time in your country at the Exit Festival.