Methadone Skies /RO/ & Hill

Methadone Skies are an independent, psychedelic rock band from Timisoara, Romania. Active since 2009, the group has released 3 full length records and one EP so far. Each LP shares its own musical direction, often leaning into post rock, stoner, doom metal and/or progressive territories.
2019 also marks the group’s 10th anniversary and the best way to celebrate it is by playing gigs and unveil new music. Thus, in May 2019, their 4th studio album, Different Layers of Fear will see the light of day through their own imprint, Haywire Records. Featuring 7 songs that stretch over 72 minutes, this is undoubtedly the most diverse and grandiose effort so far. Incorporating all their strengths and taking steps forwards, these songs represent everything Methadone Skies is about without losing the sonic identity

Hill je lokalni dvojac u potrazi za najmasnijim rifom i najnapetijim sporim ritmom, čija dobitna kombinacija proverava stabilnost lokalnih građevina i izdržljivost bubnih opni/centara za ravnotežu – na opštu radost i nemoć.

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18 May 2019


20:00 - 23:59


Beograd, Cetinjska 15, Srbija